Welcome at data M in India!

data M Software India is a company specialised in the field of sheet metal processing. We are distributing the leading software solutions for roll forming:
COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF for FEM simulation.

data M software is designed by software engineers and mechanical engineers. They have both – the skills to write complex programs in modern languages, as well as experience in mechanics and metal forming. The guaranty for what you need: a leading solution.

Several thousands of users are working with COPRA® RF software – worldwide.

In addition to software solutions we offer in particular wide-ranging consulting and engineering services to roll forming industries.

Our offer to industry:

  • COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF Software
  • Roll Design Service
  • Roll Analysis Service
  • Forming Simulation and Optimisation of Tool Sets
  • Training & Hotline Support
  • Quality Control of Roll Tooling


Our Headquarters:

Our Headquarters in Germany, data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH started as a roll forming software company in 1987.

Meanwhile data M SMS has established the reputation as being a problem solver in roll forming industries. Companies from all over the world asked for assistence. Consequently data M began to look for distribution and engeneering partners overseas with whom they can provide not only their software but also their services.

For this purpose data M Software India was established in 2005. Ever since we have been offering services to roll forming industries in India and our neighbour countries.

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