Webinar on Roll Form Product Development Work Flow

WI2_01For roll formers worldwide an efficient design and development process is vital for staying competitive.

It has been one of the most important goals for us to develop not only tailor-made solutions for tube and profile makers, but also to connect our products for the benefit of a comprehensive design and manufacturing process chain.

During our webinar we demonstrate you how you can make the design process as effective as possible by using COPRA® RF and how you can save cost and time by simulating the production process in COPRA® FEA RF.

The webinar will last about 30 minutes and will focus on the following points:

COPRA® RF – Roll Design

  • Fast and effective flower creation: SpreadSheet and DTM (deformation technology module)
  • User-friendly roll design using various options like SmartRolls, free design rolls (using AutoCAD functionalities), classic roll design

COPRA® FEA RF – Finite Element Analysis

  • Easy interface for the creation of a FEA model
  • Easy result interpretation for understanding possible defects in roll design
  • Easy integration of pre- and post-operations in roll forming (inline bending, stretch bending, embossing, punching)

This webinar (WI2) will be hold by data M Software India.


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